In the summer of 2006, Jillian Hirsch, our founder, spent three weeks volunteering in Ayacucho, Peru. Ayacucho is a town in the Andes mountains where the majority of the population is impoverished. She met many girls with amazing life stories at a girls' orphanage, including one seventeen-year-old, Pilar. She had ambitions to study medicine in college; however, she didn’t even have enough money to take the college entrance examination. Pilar’s future outside of the orphanage did not look bright. With very few career opportunities, and without a supportive family, Pilar's goal to go to college was an impossible dream.


Daughters of Ayacucho Educational Fund (DAEF) was started to help Pilar and other girls from the Puericultorio Orphanage.  DAEF was granted IRS tax-exempt 501(c)3 status in July, 2007.  The DAEF Board of Directors is comprised of seven professionals with varying backgrounds in social work, economics, education, and not-for-profits.

Meet some of the amazing young women in the video below!